Russia's Irkutsk Oblast eager to use Belarusian forest restoration practices

Irkutsk Oblast would like to use Belarus' experience of forest restoration, BelTA learned from Governor of Russia's Irkutsk Oblast Igor Kobzev after he met with Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko on 25 September.

The governor said: “We've talked about forest restoration in detail today. We are ready to cooperate in this area because Irkutsk Oblast is interested in restoring forests on a large scale. We are building forest nurseries with this in mind. We are putting efforts in it not only as an ecological matter but a national project: we have two unique natural monuments: the Siberian taiga and Lake Baikal.” In his words, the delegation intends to visit Belarusian forest nurseries in order to get familiar with their experience of forest restoration.

Igor Kobzev
Igor Kobzev

Irkutsk Oblast also sees prospects for long-term cooperation in agriculture. The Russian region is also interested in Belarusian municipal vehicles.



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