• Organization of hunting household activities

Organization of hunting activities

The Ministry of Forestry conducts hunting activities on the territory of 81 state forest enterprises and 1 state nature protection institution "RLZ "Naliboksky" with total area of over 3.5 million hectares. It makes 20,5% of the total area of the hunting grounds leased to legal entities for maintaining hunting . This territory is home to more than 7 thousand species of elk, more than 3.6 thousand species of deer, 22 thousand individuals of roe deer.

Annually hunting enterprises carry out biotechnical and hunting measures aimed at protecting hunting animals, increasing, preserving and improving the populations of these animals.

In recent years increased the demand on the organization and conduct of hunting with the participation of foreign citizens. Today, the income derived from foreign hunting tourism, accounts for over 35% of the total revenues, what testifies the high culture of the organization and conduct of hunting and leisure activities.

In the system of hunting enterprises of the Ministry of Forestry there are more than 90 comfortable hunting complexes. Many of them are equipped with gazebos, barbecues, baths, banquet halls. The visiting cards of some of this enterprises are ecological paths, the routes of which are laid along historical or landscape-interesting places. On these routes you can walk or rent a bicycle.

For the purpose of resettlement of a red deer, a dappled deer and a mouflon and also for organization of hunting on these types of hunting animals on the territory of State Forestry Institution (SFI) "Lepelsky Forestry", SFI "Ostrovetsky Forestry", SFI "Dyatlovsky Forestry", SFI "Ivyevsky Forestry", SFI "Berezinsky Forestry", SFI "Krupsky Forestry", SFI "Molodechensky Forestry", SFI "Zhitkovichsky Forestry", SFI "Pinsk Forestry" and SFI "Slutsk Forestry" were established hunting enclosures.

They are home to more than 350 European deer, 200 individuals of the noble deer, several spotty deer and European roe deer. In 2013, 30 individuals of the moufflon were released into the hunting cage of the SFI «Ostrovetsky Leskhoz» and currently its population is more than 40 individuals.

For conducting of hunting activities, organizing of hunting tours for various types of hunting animals, ecological tourism (visiting ecological paths, resting on hunting complexes of forestry enterprises, etc.), conducting training courses for passing a special hunting test, receiving a special hunting exam and issuing state certificates for the right to hunt, the implementation of hunting permits for feathered and fur game in the forestry hunting facilities, operates the republican unitary enterprise "Belgosohota".