PA "Belarusian Society of Foresters" (BCF) acts on the basis of the Charter, registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus on July 10, 1991, with amendments and additions.

The basis of BCF is made by primary organizations created in staff of the forestry organizations .   There are altogether 106 primary organizations established in 95 forest enterprises, 6 SPFA , UE “Belgosles”, UE “Belgiproles”,  UE “Vitebsklesproekt”, UE “Gomellesproekt” and the Institute  of  Forest of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, which unite 15085 people.

Practical work of the BCF is organized by the chairmen of the councils of primary organizations, which are mainly the main foresters of the forest tnterprises; the chairmen of the regional councils are the chief forest  officers of the SPFA.

The chairmen of primary and regional Soviets usually work in cooperation with the deputy heads for ideological work (often vice-chairmen of councils), as well as with trade union organizations.

The main activities of BCF:

  • approving the principles of sustainable forest management and forest  exploitation  as the most important basis for scientifically based and multi-purpose use of forests, their planned reproduction and effective protection;

  • preservation and development of historical traditions, instilling in the workers a sense of pride in belonging to the profession of Forester, moral incentives for conscientious work;

  • education of citizens in the spirit of careful attitude to the forest, as the most important factor favorable for the living organism of the natural environment, the source of the variety of products and benefits for man;

  • vocational guidance,  selection for training, retraining in educational institutions of secondary school graduates and prospective employees;

  • development and implementation of measures for increase in social protection  of forest workers, the elderly, veterans of war and labor, low-income people, their involvement in public life of collectives.

The work of the primary organizations of association  is inseparably connected with the activities of the working collectives and facilitates the implementation of the targets of socio-economic development.

Chairman of BCF  - Kovalevich Alexander Ivanovich , candidate of agricultural sciences , Director of the Forest Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

First Deputy Chairman -  Kadushkevich Bernard Alexandrovich

Deputy Chairman - Lipsky Yuri Nikolaevich

Deputy Chairman - Kriskevich Evgeny Leonidovich